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Bidiyah is well-known for its golden sand dunes, which draw visitors from both within and outside of Oman. The Al Muntarib Fort, which was praised by the Ministry of Culture, is one of the old forts scattered around Bidiyah.

Quick facts
The Bidiyah Challenge, as well as horse and camel racing, are held at Bidiyah.
Every February, the Bidiyah Challenge is held. It was very recently added to the sporting calendar of the Persian Gulf region. The goal of the race is to scale sand dunes in the shortest amount of time possible while driving a four-wheel-drive vehicle, primarily Jeeps and one-door Nissan Patrols.
During Eid days and national day celebrations, horse and camel races are held. There is also a yearly festival that consists of a series of horse and camel races that are overseen by Royal Court Affairs. Every year, Bidiyah hosts one of these races.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Best Time to Visit Bidiyah?

During winter or between the months of October to April is the best season to travel to Bidiya, Oman for an enjoyable pleasant weather perfect to experience its golden sand dune.

Tourism in Bidiyah

Many tourists want to visit the Wilayat of Bidiyah because of its simple yet delicious ingredients. It is situated in a desert area that is perfect for camping as well as for challenges and adventures on four-wheel drive and motorcyclists in the sand. It also has a sizable number of ancient monuments.

What is the Traditional Industry in Bidiyah?

Some of the residents of Bidiyah are farmers. They breed well-known camel and Arabian horse breeds. They also produce metal products like the Omani khanjar.


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