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One of Oman's oldest cities, Nizwa previously served as a hub for trade, religion, culture, and the arts. Previously, the Jama (great mosque) served as a centre for Islamic education. Nizwa gained notoriety as a result of its significance as a hub of activity at the foot of the Western Hajar Mountains. Nizwa is a varied, prosperous city today with a wealth of historical, agricultural, and recreational resources. Date cultivation is concentrated in Nizwa, which also serves as the local market.

Quick facts
Muscat is 140 kilometers (87 miles) and 1.5 hours away from Nizwa.
Nizwa Fort, built in the seventeenth century, which is one of the oldest forts in the Sultanate. It is a popular tourist attraction owing to its unique architecture with a cylindrical tower, that is reminiscent of the ancient Omani style.
Nizwa Souq, which despite being ancient, is a well-organized market with myriad goods including fruits, vegetables, textiles, livestock and crafts on offer.
Nizwa was the former capital of Oman proper and is the largest city in the Ad Dakhiliyah region.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is Nizwa's main attraction?

The city is known for date agriculture, with khalas and khumaizi being the most desired types. The fort, historic ruins, and gorgeous mountains are all well-known features of the city.

When is the best time to travel to Nizwa?

Anytime between September and March is the ideal time to travel to Nizwa. In Oman, springtime lasts from March through May, when temperatures range between 43°C to 31°C without any precipitation. If you want to visit Nizwa in March, you should book your vacation in advance because that month is one of the busiest in Oman.

What is the Nizwa Fort timing?

The Fort Timings are Sat to Thu 8 am to 4 pm and Friday 8 am to 11 am.


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